Genderswap Mangas

Manga Name chapter Latest
Remake Touko  Chapter 3
No Doubt in Us Webtoon  Chapter 173.2
★ Love Coffret Magic ★ When Drunk, He Becomes a She!  Chapter 1
Yakuza Reincarnation  Chapter 9
The Devil's Show!  Chapter 0
The cursed chain chocolate  Chapter 0
Wedding Surprise  Chapter 0
Mr. Blue  Chapter 1.5
Fantasy Bishoujo Juniku Ojisan to  Chapter 26
I Am Worried That My Childhood Friend Is Too Cute!  Chapter 8
Watashi no Kareshi wa Keikokubijin (Naruto X Hinata Doujin)  Chapter 0
Flexible Kid  Chapter 1
The story of an adventurer who challenges a high difficulty dungeon  Chapter 0
A TS Girl Come to School in a Boy’s Uniform Although She Already Become a Girl  Chapter 0
Saikyou no Kurokishi♂, Sentou Maid♀ ni Tenshoku shimashita  Chapter 2
Change  Chapter 4
I don't really get it, but it looks like I was reincarnated in an another world  Chapter 2.2
Nyotaika Homo  Chapter 8
When I Woke, I Was A Girl  Chapter 1
Chichi no Jikan  Chapter 10
A Boy who Loves Genderswap got Genderswapped so He acts out His Ideal Genderswap Girl  Chapter 13
Middle-Aged Man's Noble Daughter Reincarnation  Chapter 11
When I Woke Up, I Was A Girl  Chapter 5
Magical Girl Sho  Chapter 7.5
Majosama to Kyoudai  Chapter 1
The Corrupted TS Girl  Chapter 1
30-sai made Doutei de Itara Mahou Shoujo ni Narimashita  Chapter 8
The Witch's Servant and The Demon Lords Horns  Chapter 28
The Fallen TS Girl  Chapter 11
A Hero Whose Body Undergoes an Unusual Change  Chapter 0
How I met your father  Chapter 0
Seibetsu "Mona Lisa" no Kimi he.  Chapter 4
The Life of Ichabod  Chapter 11
Asa Okitara Onnanoko ni Natteta  Chapter 2
Otoko Tomodachi Girl  Chapter 5
asa okitaraonna no ko ni na tte ta manga  Chapter 1
Magical Girl Kakeru  Chapter 6
Triangle Edge  Chapter 5
Miss 180 Webtoon  Chapter 1
Transjitter  Chapter 3
I Turned Into a Farm Girl After I Got Reincarnated  Chapter 5
Kouhaku Kokushoku  Chapter 1